How To Manually Claim a Misson?

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This article describes how to manually claim Alien Worlds Missions directly from the smart contract using the Bscscan block explorer.


Step 1:
Open the Missions contract at in your browser.


Step 2:
Click "Connect to Web3" to connect your wallet to the page.




Step 3:

When the warning pops up, take note and press OK to connect. 


The red circle should now show as Green, indicating the site is connected.



Step 4:
Expand the "withdraw contract" tab by clicking on the arrow to the right of the 5th item.



Step 5:
Input the Mission ID you wish to claim as shown in the example and press Write. You can find your Mission ID in the Missions part of the Alien Worlds game site.




Step 6:
Confirm the transaction that pops up from your wallet.

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