How To Manually Claim Unstaked Planet Tokens Using A Block Explorer?

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Dear Explorer, if you should ever have a need to manually claim unstaked planet tokens, here is a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to perform this task.


Step 1: Go to and log in with your wallet at the top right. Then type token.worlds on the search field. Once on the token.worlds page, click on the Contract tab: 




Step 2: Click the Actions tab located below the token.worlds contract name 




Step 3: Under the Select Action section, click on claimunstks action.




Step 4: Text fields should appear below after hitting claimunstks. Enter your WAX address in the account field. On the token_symbol field enter "4" separated by a comma and then the planet token (e.g. VEL, MAG, NAR, KAV, EYE, or NER) with no spaces



example: Magor planetary tokens - MAG



Step 5: Click the Submit Transaction button. Once successful, the status should appear just below it:



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