Alien Worlds Syndicate Updates Release 0.7.0 and 0.7.1

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Hello Explorers!

The main purpose of the 0.7.0 update is to add mobile compatibility to the Governance dashboard, also known as the Syndicate mobile experience. This new update brings the core functionality of Governance to Android and IOS mobile devices.

This includes the ability to view the following:

Planet Details page with Main menu

Mobile players can now view the Main menu, including their staked Trilium on the WAX and BSC blockchains.

Planet Details page Syndicate menu

Mobile now supports the Governance explorer. Including Planet Details, View Candidates, Constitution, Become candidate, changing planets and converting Planetary Tokens.

Syndicates Main header

The Syndicate header from the desktop version is now available on mobile. This includes activation status, number of candidates, next election, planetary token supply, vote power and planet treasury.

Manage Candidacy Mobile Window

Players can now manage all aspects of their candidacy on mobile devices. This includes the ability to edit your personal profile.

View Candidates

The ability to view candidates and their profiles on all six Syndicates was added. These pages can get quite long so we also created the mobile version so that all information is centered.



We also added new overlays to give players a better view before taking important actions. Overlays will appear when players attempt the following actions:

  • Convert Planetary Token overlay
  • Resign Custodianship overlay
  • Welcome Explorer overlay
  • Confirm Candidate Votes overlay
  • Cancel Proposal overlay
  • Lock Candidacy overlay
  • NotEnoughToken generic overlay
  • NotEnoughToken to become Candidate overlay
  • NotEnoughToken to vote overlay
  • Create Proposal error overlay
  • Sign Vote overlay
  • Unstake Candidacy overlay
  • Staking & Add Staking Vote Power overlays
  • Unstake Vote Power overlay
  • Staking Vote Power with Release overlay


Claim button for Landowner Commissions and Mining Rewards

In order to further improve blockchain resource efficiency, Explorers will notice mining rewards must now be manually claimed. Don’t worry, you will receive all of your rewards when you claim with no risk of missing out or losing them. Also, the ‘claim’ button has changed to ‘submit’. Mining rewards accumulated by explorers can be claimed as often as they like, though daily or weekly claiming is suggested to maximize efficiency. Landowners must now also manually claim land commissions.

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Stay tuned for future product release updates.


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