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Ina recent article, we shared the features of Syndicates v1.0 and committed to making releases more frequently to continue evolving the Syndicate experience.

A month has passed since the launch of the Syndicates, and we have been working hard to provide new features and improvements. Read below for a recap of recent updates to Syndicate functionality and the overall user experience.

Features added

  • View Proposals: proposals can now be viewed from the Planetary Details page and the Custodian Center.
  • Confirmation Windows: pop-up windows alert players when performing important Syndicate actions. These actions include
    – Canceling a Proposal
    – Staking Tokens
    – (For new Explorers) Member Terms prompt
    – Removing a Vote
    – Resigning Custodianship
    – Withdrawing Candidacy
  • Vote Decay in Candidate Tables: we added Vote Decay to the Planet Details section of the View Candidate list to give members a better understanding of the candidates’ overall position in an election.1_6yknjlkkJDf8QR8hPIUoPQ.webp
  • “Refresh Vote” button to enable users to bring their vote power up to date; this is essentially re-submitting, or “refreshing” your votes, during a Voting Period.0_kEr5P8PaXrDdScY2.jpg
  • Button to clean up unstaked tokens: this button helps reset unstaked tokens after recent staking and/or unstaking to ensure totals are current and accurate.0_OswhWD37B3DVxsAo.jpg
  • Sort filter bar for Candidate lists: Candidates Lists can now be sorted by Vote Power, Vote Decay, Tool Votes, and Name


Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a bug where Syndicate members were unable to remove one of their two votes
  • Fixed an error that was introduced when rendering Syndicate background images
  • Fixed runtime errors
  • Fixed a bug in which returning users were forced into an onboarding loop

Product Improvements

Syndicate Stability

  • Terms & Conditions and Syndicate Policies have been added to the left navigation bar for easy access and reference
  • Additionally, the display of Voting Power on several screens has been simplified for easier readability
  • Improved user readability of Vote Decay on the candidate lists by way of color-coding

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Stay tuned for future product release updates.



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