How Can I Unstake My Syndicate Tokens And Vote Power

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The Federation is aware that there is currently a bug in our interface that prevents users from completing Syndicate tokens' unstaking process using our website.

The background to this is that if you can use other sites or a block explorer like, you can transfer your Syndicate tokens freely after the release timer has run out. However, we have prepared a simple and safe workaround for our explorers not so familiar with using a block explorer.


Step 1: Please follow this article to find the instructions for this workaround, and just ignore Step 9 in the linked article:

How To Manually Convert TLM To Syndicate Tokens And Back Using A Block Explorer

After completing this manual token conversion of Syndicate tokens back to TLM, using, of ANY AMOUNT, you can now go back to our game website at and convert the rest of the tokens using our website.


Step 2: Return to the game, and refresh the page. You should now see the current balance of and have access to your planetary tokens to be converted back to TLM. Also, you now should no longer see the timed-out unstaking release notice. (Note: the shown image only reflects VEL tokens, you could also see NAR, MAG, EYE, NER or KAV tokens in your case, depending on which planet you have your Syndicates set to.)



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