How To Manually Convert TLM To Syndicate Tokens And Back Using A Block Explorer

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Dear Explorer, if you should ever have a need to manually convert TLM to Syndicate tokens and back, here is a step-by-step guide with screenshots, of how to perform this task.


Step 1: Go to and log in with your wallet at the top right.



Step 2: In the Memo field, please type in "Unstake” (without the quotes). Please make sure this step is done correctly and double-check.


Step 3: In the "To" field type in "federation".


Step 4: Select the planetary token you wish to unstake. Notice that only planet tokens already over the “unstaking period” can be unstaked like this. See the date in the “unstaking notice” on the Syndicates site to check for this.



Step 5: Type in "0.0001" for the field Quantity, without the quotes.


Step 6: Click “Transfer” and approve the transaction in your wallet pop-up window.


Step 7: If successful, you will see this confirmation.



Step 8: To confirm the successful transfer, click the transaction in the confirmation link and then click "Traces, or go to "Account" at the top center to see the transfer in your account history. You can also use the Governance section at to check your TLM and Syndicate token balances.




Step 9: Now that you know how to safely unstake the smallest amount possible, feel free to repeat this process using any amount you feel safe with.

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