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DAOs, like people, evolve over time. But it’s not just its people or priorities that will change. The technology itself will transform with use. Alien Worlds technology has been battle tested for four years. Even so, DAO technology overall is nascent, so it benefits from constant monitoring and rapid iteration. While we’re very excited about Syndicates v1.0, we are eager to provide more functionality, more tools, and more value to explorers as they pledge, lead, and conquer their way across the metaverse. Our releases will become more frequent, more focused, and increasingly driven by community feedback.

Planned Features

While many optimizations can be made quickly, some features will take more time and planning to release into the community. We believe that these larger features should be aimed at increasing Syndicate functionality. In no particular order, here are a few that are on our internal roadmap. These are aimed at delivering more autonomy and more utility to Syndicate members and their custodians.

Worker Proposals (Name TBD)

The Worker Proposal system is the name given to the functionality that allows non-custodians to make proposals to Syndicate Councils as well as ensuring that any third parties that agree to build things for the Syndicates can safely know they will be paid, even if the Custodians that originally made the agreement are no longer in charge.

Syndicate Voltron (Name TBD)

To unlock the power of Syndicate communities, new functionality should be able to come from the community itself. Syndicate Voltron is the working name for a framework that allows the community to develop plugins that can enable a Syndicate to add features to itself and optimize in accordance with its community’s vision.

Mobile UX

The mobile to desktop usage of Alien Worlds is split down the middle. For the first release we chose to go desktop, but we understand that mobile is just as important to half our users. So, we will be making a focused effort to optimize for mobile devices to allow explorers to access Syndicates anywhere, anytime.

Wallet Support

Wallets are key access points for most explorers within Alien Worlds. We plan to roll out support for multiple wallets, such as Anchor, so that explorers have the ability to choose the experience that works for them.

Known Issues

We are watching and listening closely to community feedback to identify points of pain for you, and we’ll roll out fixes as quickly as possible. Our community team is spread far and wide across the Alien Worlds metaverse and is always there to help. Here is a list of known issues that we are working on fixing as soon as possible for you:

  1. Improving general loading time, especially the candidate's view.
  2. Increase the speed at which you can switch between planet views.
  3. Simplifying the stake-weighted voting experience and reducing loading times.

Moving Forward

We’re prioritizing communication and transparency as much as we can and will be releasing more broad roadmap information in the coming months. In the meantime, expect more frequent releases to address quality issues and to optimize wherever we can. Be sure to follow Alien Worlds on Twitter or sign up for e-mail alerts to be the first to know about improvements and releases in the future.



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